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Data Consult acquires Worldnet


Lebanon, 15 March 2016: Data Consult, a leading Information & Communications Technology (ICT) company with a multi-regional footprint across the Middle East and Africa, has acquired Worldnet, one of the leading Workspace Virtualization and Cloud Solutions provider in the region, Worldnet has joined Data Consult Holding’s group of companies.

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VMware Event - The New Model of IT


On September 14th, 2015, Data Consult and VMware hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut to discover VMware’s New Model of IT.
VMware's new solutions are considered to be the next step in the evolution of virtualization and cloud computing as they support both legacy enterprise applications and new cloud computing services for optimum efficiency.
Renowned experts from VMware shared the latest breakthroughs in SDDC, Airwatch and NSX.

NetApp Event - Go Further, Go Faster


On June 10th 2015, Data Consult and NetApp hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut where NetApp’s specialists presented their latest storage solutions that give our customers an edge over their competitors. During the event, a live demo enabled guests to experience firsthand NetApp’s software features and benefits.

Oracle Cloud Applications Day


Data Consult & Oracle hosted their first event where they introduced to a select group of guests their cloud based applications. Experts presented Oracle advanced CRM features that enable companies to dramatically improve their customer experience, keep tabs on their performance, and allow their teams to stay engaged with their peers, superiors and clients alike.

Executive Roundtable


On April 16th of 2015, Data Consult and Cisco hosted a roundtable discussion around Cisco’s Software Defined Networks and Application Centric Infrastructures. Present were industry leaders from the Lebanese Business Community. Cisco Experts were able to share the latest world trends and best practices that will enable businesses to optimize their resources and advance in highly competitive market.

Business Innovation Day


On March 26th of 2015, Data Consult and Cisco, hosted their Business Innovation Day where experts from both companies presented the latest in Cisco Collaboration, Mobility, Cloud Mobility (Meraki) and Security Solutions. The event started with a live presentation with Cisco Dubai Office, where guests were able to see firsthand the advanced features of Cisco video conferencing solutions.

Service Providers Seminar


This year, Data Consult’s Annual Service Provider Seminar was hosted in the Intercontinental Mzaar in Ouyoun el Siman, on 13th and 14th of November 2014.

We wanted to offer our clients a way to stand out by focusing on new potential for growth & innovation. Rather than just keeping pace with technological developments, Data Consult wants its clients to be exceptional.

Putting our efforts with our event sponsor, Cisco, and our partners, NetApp and Infoblox, we managed to provide our clients with key experts who attended the two day event, presenting the latest technological advancements.

On the first day, Victor Bishay started the sessions with an overview of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, followed by Sameh Emam, also from Cisco, who gave insights about Intelligent Cyber Security. The final presentation was given by Chris Burnet from NetApp who presented Cloud Services & Software Solutions that would empower Service Providers.

The following day, Michael Mitchell gave a captivating presentation on Swiss Innovation and all the technological advancement Europe is currently witnessing. Ahmad Abou Zaher discussed how Service Providers can secure their DNS Infrastructure with Infoblox. Mohammed Al Hashimi from Cisco presented the latest in Cloud & Application Centric Infrastructures. The closing session was presented by Peter Gaspar from Cisco, who laid out the road map to SP wifi Offload & IPv6 Integration strategy and deployment models.

While clients enjoyed the seminar’s topics, their spouses were able to share the secrets of Maki Sushi making, learn about the health benefits of yoga and take part in a hands on presentation about the art of make-up.

The guests were treated to chill out drinks and a fun photo shoot that allowed them to stand out each in his/her own way. There was of course a delicious dinner and lunch at Le Refuge, where guests were offered the chance to participate in a raffle, allowing them to win an IPad air.

To keep with tradition, guests enjoyed at the event’s end a nice ATV ride where they were able to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Always striving to support its client’s needs and profitability goals Data Consult hopes to bring even more captivating topics to next year’s Annual Service Provider Seminar. 

Data Consult Nature Day


On a beautiful sunny morning Data Consult team spent the whole day at Ouyoun el Siman where they enjoyed the breathtaking sceneries from above the clouds. On September 20th, 2014, everyone gathered at 8:00 in the morning to enjoy a hike on one of the most challenging trails in Lebanon. What was in store, a nice competition, a healthy initiative, a prize for the winning team and a celebratory lunch to end this unforgettable day.

On that day, Data Consult team did great achievements! We conquered nature by climbing Ouyoun el Semen’s three peaks, we walked more than 15000 steps (7 times more than we usually walk on any given day), we burned an average of 750 calories and we cleaned the mountain by removing up to 4500 empty cartridges while enjoying spectacular views from an altitude of 2463m. All that contributed in creating beautiful and unforgettable memories as well as a great team spirit!

Our contribution to nature

Shell casing as is the case of most plastics today do not biodegrade, the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade. Data Consult team managed to remove over 4,500 shell casings on that day, a modest yet important contribution to the health of our environment.

We celebrated the day’s end with delicious Lebanese dishes and a toast to our next event!

Data Consult & VCE Dinner


On June 26th of 2014, Data Consult and VCE hosted a dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel for its Enterprise VIP clients. Decision makers and experts gathered around a round table to discuss current challenges related to Data Centers. It was an evening of rich and productive engagement. Present at the dinner was Mr. Moulton, CTO of VCE in EMEA, who is responsible for the technology strategy of VCE in the Middle East. Mr. Moulton also works with global counterparts to ensure that the benefits of Converged Infrastructure Solutions are well-presented to both customers and VCE business partners.    

Smarter Backup Survey


Dear Valued Customer,
On behalf of Data Consult, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our “Smarter Backup Survey”.
Your answers gave us valuable insights as to the level of readiness and data recuperation capacity in case of a system disruption.

We would like to share with you some of the statistics gathered from this survey that could help you in planning for a better Backup Recovery System and at the same time shed light on common potential risk areas:

-    40 % of customers have experienced data loss during 2012
-    29 % of IT professionals are not confident that they can restore data in case of failure
-    38 % of IT decision makers still rely on tape for data backup
-    63 %  of clients had to wait for hours after suffering from a backup failure before being fully operational

By diagnosing potential threats, we are able to suggest a number of enhancements that will help in reducing or even eliminating the risk of losing data. Needless to say, in a highly competitive environment, a loss in data can sometimes lead to serious business paralysis and substantial financial loss. 

We would like to thank you for providing your input and take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Charles Khoury from Retail Group on winning the iPad mini.

We look forward to our future collaboration.

Chantal El Khoury
Product Manager – Data Center
Data Consult

Cisco Security Bootcamp Winner


Dear Valuable Customers,


we would like to congratulate Mr. Roland Khadige from Credit Libanais for winning the Samsung S4 draw


You can pass by our office to pick up your gift


Download The presentations of the cisco security Bootcamp


Data Consult Team at Beirut Corporate Game


The BCG is by far the biggest corporate sport event in the Middle East, and it has been the case for the past 6 years; In 2013, more than 44 games will be proposed new games will be introduced. The success of BCG lays in the fact that it creates the right environment where for 2 days, employees and executives, local and international companies, get together and compete outside the corporate world, in an indescribable atmosphere with fair play, fun and team spirit. It's probably also the time where the employees feel the most connected to their company, competing to get a medal and have their company name on the podium. No wonder it has become the most anticipated corporate event in the country

Data Consult has equipped 7 Public Parks


Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Telecom and in collaboration with the Association of Banks in Lebanon, Cisco, Alfa & Sodetel, Data Consult is proud to have equipped 7 Public Parks across Lebanon with free Wi-Fi services (Sanayeh, Jesuite, Syoufi, St. Nicolas, Talet El Khayat, Jezzine, Zahle).

Internet access is now available free of charge to park visitors in all 7 parks with additional park locations to follow throughout the year.

Visitors or Park-goers will be able to stay connected with their smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi enabled devices as they enjoy everything public gardens, big and small, have to offer.

Data Consult looks forward to more projects where it can play a positive role in enriching the lives of its community members.

Data Consult and F5 Event


Scale, Consolidate and Secure your infrastructure through F5 solutions
April 4th | Movempick Hotel - Beirut | From 9h to 14h

Register now by sending an email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Keeping the network secure, fast, and available is crucial for business success.
Comprehensive security solutions from F5 help you protect your organization’s brand, defend your data center against Internet threats, and secure your network and your applications—whether they’re in a traditional data center or in the cloud, all while enhancing network and application performance.
We are delighted to invite you to join us for this Security Event with the Team of Data Consult and F5
Why attend?
• Gain a new perspective on how F5 solutions can help you scale and secure your business
• Meet existing F5 customers and F5 specialists to share, learn, and exchange ideas
• Understand our vision and security strategy to meet today’s challenges

Scale, consolidate, and modernize your infrastructure through F5 solutions
- Build a flexible and efficient IT architecture that adapts to your business needs
- Normalize IT spend by architecting on a shared and virtualized infrastructure
- Modernize legacy interfaces & consolidate functionality into reusable services

Reduce operational risks: detect and prevent fraud
- Secure Application Infrastructure & Address today’s security challenge
- Secure Access
- Address BYOD (Bring your own device) challenges
- Simplify compliance with main regulations and standards
This set of presentations will be illustrated by examples, best practices and demos.
We look forward to see you there

Invitation to EMC IT Transformation Seminar with Data Consult in Beirut - 12th Mars 2013



Does your IT Department reacts quickly to new demands, defend against security threats, and manage information growth?

Data growth is exploding. According to IDC, 80% of storage capacity shipped this year will be used for unstructured, file-based data.  Today you need to transform your Information Infrastructure to be simple, efficient and agile to adapt to the business demand and save cost and protect your information assets. 
EMC can help you Transform IT and Transform Business
Join us at EMC IT Transformation Seminar to see how this proven EMC approach can help you:
Incorporate technology considerations to evolve your infrastructure, security, and applications for end-to-end, on-demand services today.
Exploit new technologies to better position your business’ future.
Reduce Cost and increase ROI
Balance private, public, and hybrid cloud options based on economics, functionality, and trust
Accelerate your infrastructure for higher efficiency, rock-solid agility for mission-critical applications, and new ways to drive business value via infrastructure, applications, and user access.

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Data Consult acquires Worldnet
Lebanon, 15 March 2016: Data Consult, a leading Information & Communications Technology (ICT) company with a multi-regional...
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VMware Event - The New Model of IT
On September 14th, 2015, Data Consult and VMware hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut to discover...
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NetApp Event - Go Further, Go Faster
On June 10th 2015, Data Consult and NetApp hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut where NetApp’s...
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