Students need to have a global imagination if they are going to be leaders in the 21st century. A university is no longer a campus, but a network of global presence. A classroom is no longer about a one-hour lecture; learning has become ongoing and online.


In the education sector, including universities and schools, you are never interested in technology as merely an end result, but rather as a means to an end, which is education and its many challenges. We provide the technology that can bring the right people together in spite of greater distances to deliver more efficient learning. This technology can transform the way faculty interacts with students, shifting the education model from lecturing to assisting, guiding, and debating content. This technology allows students to learn from one another, share information, and access a wider range of current or archived material. In other words, we provide the system that will bring minds together to create a higher form of education.



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Data Consult acquires Worldnet
Lebanon, 15 March 2016: Data Consult, a leading Information & Communications Technology (ICT) company with a multi-regional...
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VMware Event - The New Model of IT
On September 14th, 2015, Data Consult and VMware hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut to discover...
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NetApp Event - Go Further, Go Faster
On June 10th 2015, Data Consult and NetApp hosted an event at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut where NetApp’s...
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